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multifunctional e - light ipl rf beauty equipment, brown hair removal machine with handle

multifunctional e - light ipl rf beauty equipment, brown hair removal machine with handle

  • multifunctional e - light ipl rf beauty equipment, brown hair removal machine with handle
multifunctional e - light ipl rf beauty equipment, brown hair removal machine with handle
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Place of Origin: Beijing
Brand Name: Younger
Certification: CE, QS, CCC
Model Number: E-001
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High Light:

e light hair removal


e light ipl hair removal

multifunctional e - light ipl rf beauty equipment, brown hair removal machine with handle


E-light IPL Hair Removal Machine

Newest E-light IPL+RF Hair Removal Machine, hair removal waxing machine, brown hair removal machine



Hair Removal

1.One course in all, every months as one treatment 4-6treatments in all usually , very significant effect will show you after 2-3 treatments, for thick hairs , it needs 3 treatments , for soft and thin hair , it needs 5 treatments , treatment time , for two arms:in 1.5 hours , for two legs in 1.5hours for armpit hairs in 30minutes

2.Every month as on treatment because the hair its own growth period and dormant period so it's effective to remove the hair in growth period one month is the growth cycle of hair.

3.Feelings in the treatment :some pain feelings like needle pricking 3-8hours after the treatment , a little inflamed feelings on skin , gentely tweezer(or use your fingers)the hair root , naturally sheded and no pain , which means the best effect, in this case after 7days , the hair will loss automatically .

4.Effect of cooling gel :cooling and light transporting

5.Usage:spread the cooling gel on the treatment area before treatment , about 3mm thickness , 20minutes after the treatment , scrape the cooling gel on the treatment area , after the treatment , make an ice cooling treatment .


Skin rejuvenation


1.One course in all , every 3 weeks one treatment 4-6treatments in all , usually very significant effect will show you 

after 2-3treatments , for face treatment it needs about 30minutes.

2.Pre-operation :deeply skin cleaning , remove acne blackhead

3.Feelings in the treatment :swollen feelings inside skin , a little inflamed feelings on skin after the treatment

4.Effect of cooling gel :cooling and light transporting

5.Usage :spread the cooling gel on the treatment area before treatment , about 3mm thickness , 20minutes 

after the treatment, scrape the cooling gel and cooling with ice for 10-20minutes

6.Operating sequence:clean skin and spread cooling gel on the treatment area , after the treatment make an 

ice cooling treatment


Acne treatment


1.1-2course (very serious skin problems, it needs 2course)3weeks one treatment 4-6treatments in all ,

very significant effects show after 2-3treatments .

2.Pre-operation :deeply clean skin

3.Feelings in the treatment:very swollen feelings inside skin a little painful inflamed feelings on skin after the treatment .

4.Effect of cooling gel :cooling and light transporting

5.Usage :spread the cooling gel on the treatment area before treatment , about 3mm thickness ,

20minutes after the treatment , scrape the cooling gel , and cooling with ice for 10-20minutes .

6.Operating sequency:clean skin and spread cooling gel on the treatment area , after the treatment make an ice 

cooling treatment.


Vascular therapy

1.4-6treatments as one course , 3weeks apart , one or two course in all , very obvious effects will show you 

after 2-3treatments.

2.Feelings in the treatment :swollen feelings inside skin a little iniflamed feelings on skin after the treatment.

3.Effect of cooling gel :cooling and light transporting

4.Usage :spread the cooling gel on the treatment scrape the cooling gel and cooling with ice for 10-20minutes

5.Operating sequecnce:clean skin and spread cooling gel on ghe treatment area after the treatment , make an

 ice cooling treatment.


Pigmentation therapy

1.1-2course(2course is for very serious skin problems, like serious chloasma)3-4weeks one treatment ,

4-6treatments in all .

2.Treatment symptoms :the freckles become darker after one treatment the treatment area will be red , the freckles 

will gradually be light and drop off ,

3.Feelings in the treatment:some pain feelings like needle pricking , in one week after the treatment , spots will show you ,

effect of cooling gel :cooling and light transporting

4.Usage :spread the cooling gel on the treatment area before treatment , about 3mm thickness , 20minutes after

 the treatment , scrape the cooling gel and cooling with ice for 10-20minutes

5.Operating sequence :clean skin and spread cooling gel on the treatment area, after the treatment , make an ice

 cooling treatment.


Treatment applications

1.To remove unwanted thick or tiny hair

2.To make your skin tightening , lifting skin , improving flexibility and tone of skin .

3.To rejuvenate your skiin changing large hair pores

4.To remove Acbe:improving the situation of oily skin killing acne bacilli



1.E-light owns all advantages of traditional IPL treatment , No risk of burning and uncomfortable feeling cause

 by IPL treatment , good result for blond hair and light -colored soft hair.

2.Modular design of inner structure easy to repair

3.8" TFT colorful touch screen

4.Pedal supplied to meet your personal operation habits.



Foot switch

Power line

E-light handle


Protective glasses

Protective goggle


Watering bottle

Technical Parameters


8.4 inch touch display

Stand handle

12*30mm with 3 filters


0-50J/cm2(IPL) 0-50J/cm2(RF)

Shot period(Frequency)

1-5 second adjustable

Lamp longevity

100, 000shots

Cooling system



AC 110V/220V, 60Hz/50Hz

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